Our Story

Director & Concept Creator
Mrs Australia Universal 2019

Upma Kite has transformed her life from being a mother to working in the corporate world and now the reigning Mrs Australia Universal 2019. This is no small feat for her as a woman especially of Indian heritage background. She is results-driven, a true fighter who demonstrates a WILL TO WIN. Her magnetic presence radiates positive energy to everyone around her. She encourages women to embrace their personal power and to be free.

With her success and newfound fame, Upma is instrumental and passionate in helping other women to achieve the same, especially for women of middle age with age-old beliefs. She wants to abolish prejudice against women in a male dominant world. She believes in equality for all, irrespective of gender. Today, Upma mentors women facing challenges in their lives and help them to restores their sense of selfconfidence, higher esteem and positive body image.

Upma believes that positive actions will lead to positive outcomes. She wants to lead by example and share her experiences to benefit and inspire other women. Her achievements include gaining her pilot license to fly Cessna and Piper Cub aircraft, practicing as a marriage counsellor and working in corporate offices, to being a wife, mother, friend and inspiration to many.

Ravishing Fashionistas is truly a unique concept of any age & any size inclusivity. Ravishing Fashionistas is going to help the young women and girls in coming future to build & boost their confidence and positive body image.

Today, she is renowned fashion icon in the fashion & beauty industry. Upma uses Ravishing Fashionistas fashion & modelling academy platform to get her message and story to the public, helping women in need, especially those suffers from domestic violence and other forms of discriminations and sufferings. Today, she founded Dignifying Women Foundation to simply help women who suffers from DV and other related matters.

Upma is also ambassador to several other charities. She is a beauty queen with a heart of gold, she firmly believes in giving back to the community by volunteering to raise funds for the needy. Non-profit charities she worked with includes The Heart Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, The Smith Family, Salvation Army and UN woman National committee Australia.